Welcome to Madurai CPS Milling Cluster

Profile of TN Foodgrains Marketing Yard, Madurai

This unique project which aims in providing necessary infrastructures for Cereals, Pulses & Staples (CPS) Milling Cluster in and around our area is being implemented at a cost of Rs.40 crore in 30 acres site at Madurai under the Chairmanship of Shri. S.Rethinavelu, Chairman & Managing Director who is also the Sr. President of Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Madurai. Following infrastructural facilities are provided :

  • Marketing-cum- Finished Goods Storage Depots
  • Warehouse
  • Drying Yard with Dryers
  • Pre-processing Centre
  • Sortexing Centre
  • Packaging Centre
  • Auction Centre and Agro Food Products
  • Research & Development Laboratory
  • Cold Storage Unit
  • Product Display Centre
  • Training Centre / Seminar Hall
  • Container Terminal
  • Agri Business ICT

View of Tamilnadu Foodgrains Marketing Yard (TFMY)

Service to Farmers

1. Contract Farming

We encourage and participate in cultivating processor – and consumer - oriented varieties of rice, black gram, red gram and gingelly in collaboration with Research Institutes and Banks / Financial Institutions. We guarantee the purchase of these commodities at remunerative market price.

2. Other helps to Farmers

• Linkage between producer, processor and consumer is established for assured price
• Training facilities for better agronomic practices and marketing are available
• Farmers can test their produce for quality at a nominal charge
• The Farmers can bring their foodgrains for drying (if moist), cleaning, grading and then exhibit in the products display centre wherein the local as well as foreign purchasers would bid the rates according to quality and the stocks can be disposed of by comparing with the internal and external market rates prevailing at that time by looking into the continuous digital display system which displays the prevailing national and international rates or alternatively the stocks can be auctioned in the Auction centre available. If the expected price is not realized, the produce can be stored in the scientific warehouse / cold storage for any length of time at a nominal rate. The warehouse receipt of this Marketing Yard can be pledged for getting the required amount from the banks available in the same campus or outside. When the market rate increases, the stocks under scientific storage depot can then be disposed of.


View of Scientific Storage Facilities at TFMY

Common Storage Facility

Stakeholders Storage Facility


Service to Processors and Consumers

Since this is the only multi-foodgrain commodity yard in India having facilities for upgrading the quality of foodgrains from maize to mustard / gingelly, every effort is made to make this organization as a nodal agency for solving the marketing and agro-processing problems encountered by the foodgrains processors and consumers. We are rendering technical advice and guidance on day to day basis fro improving foodgrains processing / trading activities. Further, we aim in upgradaing the pre- and post-processing steps for rice milling, wheat milling, dhall milling, besan, oil crushing and jaggery making units which at present work on traditional way producing poor quality end products with a lot of wastage. By utilizing the up-to-date infrastructural facilities of this orgnisation, the stakeholders can supply certified quality materials to the Govt. stores and to organised chain stores within and outside the country.

Thrust areas

• Minimize wastages in processing and increasing productivity
• Ensuring scientific harvest, pre-processing and processing activities
• Gearing up the beneficiaries to face the challenges internally and also abroad by introducing value added products with latest technology
• Forward integration with export market by adopting Common branding and thus promoting export
• Generation of more employment in rural area


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